Thursday, September 2, 2010

Double the fun! Maclaren Review!

I am SO excited about this next review!

Awhile ago I posted about double strollers, and that I was looking at a few different options for Brayden and Brody. Well, Maclaren saw my post and sent me the 2011 Maclaren Twin Techno to keep and review!

Maclaren is my very favorite brand of stroller. After we had Brayden, we realized that the umbrella stroller that we had was just not a good quality stroller, or one that I really felt safe having Brayden in. If you know me, you know that I tend to research things to death! I found out about Maclarens while researching online and was so impressed at what I read. Thankfully, there's a boutique store near us that carries Maclarens and I was able to go and see them in person. We fell in LOVE!

So I was so excited when Maclaren asked me to review their 2011 Maclaren Twin Techno. And I'm even more excited to share all the awesome features of it with you!

Of course, Mr. Ham had to climb right in there so that he could get a picture in the stroller!

The Maclaren Twin Techno has so many wonderful features. It folds up so compactly like all Maclarens and the new 2011 model has some great features, like the double cup holders (below) and the storage bags. It also has 2 great storage areas underneath the stroller. The bags are perfect for holding your keys, cell phone, a diaper and wipes case, you name it!
The seats each recline separately which is another wonderful feature. In fact, it has a 5 position recline which makes it even better! Each hood is separate as well and they are even bigger than they used to be, giving each child more protection. You can see in the above picture that they've added UV protected viewing windows so you can peek in on the kiddos!

Maclaren also used the 5 point harness for ultimate safety. In the picture below I've got Brody's seat in the reclined position with his head positioner and Brayden's seat is upright.

I give this stroller a glowing review! There isn't a single thing that I don't absolutely love about it. And since you can use it from birth, it is the perfect option for us!!

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